SSDT Development Server - Development Builds

Disclaimer: This site contains the current development builds of SSDT applications. These versions may or may not have been tested, may or may not be nearing release, may or may not contain prototype code which may never be released. In other words, site is bleeding-edge code which may or may not work.

If you were directed to this site as a demo or trial version, please feel free to login with credentials you were provided by the SSDT. Please provide feedback via the appropriate OECN Forum.

ApplicationStatusVersionBuild Date/Number
/usasdwstoppedunknowninvalid version properites
/usassoaprunningunknownunknown path
/usaswebrunningunknownunknown path
/uspssoaprunning1.12.0.SNAPSHOT2020/04/22 01:33 -1
/uspswebstoppedunknowninvalid version properites
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